Static Stabilizer

Static Stabilizer - Three Phase

Static Voltage Stabilizer or Static voltage regulator or IGBT Voltage Stabilizer is same as servo voltage stabilizer but without any moving part Like Servo Motor / Variac with correction voltage 4000V to 8000V Within the duration of one waveform i.e. 20ms The chopping frequency ranges around 20 KHz that ensures absolute silent operation of the SVS and a pure sine wave output. Voltage correction speed of static voltage regulators can be up to 500 times faster than servo stabilizer. But in Servo Stabilizer correction in output voltage achieve with help of moving Brush Through servo motor hence correction speed 100V/S Maximum (Depending Variac Gear and Motor Gear). available for indoor type as well as outdoor type.

BY-PASS provision

  • 1.It has both AUTO and MANUAL Bypass

    • 1.When the entire system fails, Manual bypass can be used.

  • 3.AUTO BYPASS : Auto bypass feature allows loads to remain connected beyond nominal voltage. Auto bypass gets activated when(Voltage Must Be With is Safe Level Low 200V/PH. High 255V/Sec but Adjustable)
    • 1.System temperature exceeds 65ºC.
    • 2.Input current of IGBT exceeds the set value.
    • 3.Static board fails.
    • 4.It can transfer to bypass automatically without any break in the output voltage (Zero Transition Time).

Product Description

IGBT static stabilizer is designed to regulate the voltage level automatically. It also protects the load against voltage surges, over voltage, under voltage, smoothing impulsive noise.

It comes with follwoing major components

1.Buck Boost Transformer

Buck and boost transformer is connected to the system. Primary of buck boost transformer is connected to IGBT power stage in such a way that voltage induced across secondary of buck boost transformer can add or subtract with input voltage.

2.IGBT Power Stage

It consists of IGBT Bridge which is connected to DSPIC. It is responsible for the generation of correction voltage with help of PWM method. As the output of the IGBTs is fed to the primary of the transformer, voltage induced across the secondary of Buck-Boost Transformer can be added or subtracted as per the required voltage needed at the load.

3.Control board

The control board is used to give PWM to drive the IGBT. It incessantly senses value of input voltage, output voltage, load current and IGBT current with help of current transformer and voltage transformer connected to it. And this processed information is given as feedback signal to IGBT power stage to generate desired voltage and duty cycle with help of PWM method. The system temperature is also continuously monitored to enable the Auto bypass option when it exceeds the set value.

4.Display board for 3 Phase

It is a two line LCD, which displays the following parameters.

  • 1.Input VLL and VLN
  • 2.Output VLL and VLN
  • 3.Output load current
  • 4.Frequency
  • 5.System status
  • 6.Error log for fault condition (100 log storage)

5.LED indications

The specific error indications like Phase failure, Phase reversal, and Overload and system status are indicated using LEDs.

Technical Specifications

1.IGBT driven, solid state, PWM Based Power Conditioning Unit with rated frequency of correction of voltage of 20 KHz and rated correction time of 20 milli second Regulation Time,Equipped with EMI/RFI Filtering for Proper Operation.

2. Insulation: Class F

3. Input Frequency variation range: 47 to 53Hz.

4.Input Voltage Range ±20% /15%/10% of output Volts Phase to Phase for 3 Phase and Phase to Neutral for single Phase (Bucking Voltage and Boosting Voltage Both Same Possible ie 4OV Boosting, 40V Bucking or 60V Boosting 60V Bucking Only Possible)

5. Output: 380V/400V/415VThree Phase, R, Y, B, N and E for Three Phases or220V/230V/240V Single Phase P, N,E

6. Output Voltage Regulation ±1% of output Voltage at all loads

7. Voltage regulation shall be achieved by superimposition of PWM wave on incoming wave, without any break in the power path.

8. Static Voltage Regulator Control Cards shall use only static parts for real time

Voltage correction. It shall not use any such moving part like relay or brush, which limits the rate of voltage regulation.

9. Display / Indication Three Phase Application: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, Frequency, Phase Sequence, Phase Frailer, Error Log and All Trip Parameters for LCD display Single Phase Application: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, Frequency and All Trip Parameters for LCD display

10.Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 Deg C.

11.Cooling: Natural and Fan Cooling.

12.Enclosure: IP41.

13.Inbuilt EMI/RFI Filter Three Phase Application: Overload, Output High/Low voltage, Input High /Low Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Frailer, Control by Micro Controller PCB and short circuit protection through MCB. Single Phase Application: Overload, Output High/Low voltage, Input High /Low Voltage, Control by Micro Controller PCB and short circuit protection through MCB

14.Soft Switch On: Enabled.

15.Auto Bypass: Active for inrush current more than 2 times the rated current and internal PCB faults with Manuel By Pass Provision (Auto By Pass Work Within user select Range Aprx 200V/Low, 250/High per Phase).

16.Warranty: Two years for repair or replacement of defective parts subject to proper Operation and use


  • Engineering & Manufacturing (Railway, Oil & Gas, Construction)
  • Metal Cutting (CNC&EDM)
  • Textile & Apparel (Weaving, Knitting, Spinning, Dyeing & compacting)
  • Hospitals, Labaratories & Bio Medicals
  • Retail Showrooms, Restraurents
  • IT
  • Agriculture
  • Fuel Stations
  • Domestic Applications