Servo Stabilizer With Isolation Transformer

A voltage stabilizer is an Electrical & electronic device that supplies a consistent output voltage irrespective of input supply (Depending on Input Range). It protects Electric/electronic appliances from under and over /under voltage supply.

What is the main function of the Servo Stabilizer? A Servo voltage stabilizer functions (Through Servo Motor) to automatically maintain a constant level (+/-1% Variation) of the voltage for our electrical appliances

Product Description

Servo stabilizers are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and stringent quality measures to safeguard all types of electrical appliances from crucial voltage fluctuations. It does never be a pay, when it comes, your valuable equipment shocks you with a breakdown pay.

Each Electrical/Electronic/Electromechanical equipment have designed for a particular Working voltage. A high fluctuation in AC supply is a common phenomenon in the whole country. The fluctuation range is varying one place to another place depending on the load ON/OFF. (In India designed single phase equipment 220V/230V/240V, 3 Phase Equipment 380V/400V/415V with 50HZ, But US/Japan Single Phase 110V/110V/120V, 3 Phase 200V/220V with 60HZ).

Constant voltage is very important for the better Efficiency, safety, and long life of equipment and appliances, Some Equipments can withstand plus or Minus 20% or10% or 5% or 2% Of rated Voltage.It is Depended on purely Equipment Manufacture

Regulator Type Servo Controlled
Response Time 10 ms.
Speed of Correction 70V/Sec
Capacity 3KVA to 2000KVA
Input Voltage Range 240V,295V,340V,360V – 465V,480V,500V line voltage(4 Wire)
Output Output 380V,400V,415V/200V,220V line voltage OR Customer requirement
Output accuracy ±1%
Frequency 47 to 53Hz
Efficiency Above 98%
Output Voltage Waveform Same as Input
Overload Capacity 120% for 1 minute
Controller Technology Micro Controller Controlled Fully Automatically
Display / Indication Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, Frequency, Phase Sequence, Phase Frailer, Error Log and All Trip Parameters for LED/LCD display.
Protection Overload, Output High/Low voltage, Input High /Low Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Failed, short circuit protection through MCB/MCCB/HRC Fuse
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 Deg C.
Cooling Forced Natural Air OR Transformer Oil
Color Lista blue and Ivory
Enclosure protection type IP 21 Indoor type
System Construction As Per IS 9815-1994
Manuel Bypass Provision provided
System Connections Delta / Star Dry Type Isolation Transformer OR Customer requirement
Power factor 0.90 Lag to 0.90 Lead
Regulation Better than 2%
IR Value >200MΩ
HV Test 2.5KV Per 60sec
Vector group DY11** For Delta/Star OR Customer requirement
Impudence < 4%
Linear harmonic attenuation 100%
Non-Linear harmonic attenuation >75%
Coupling Capacitance 0.01PF for 100Db
Transformer type Shell type
Insulation Class F
Operating Humidity Up to 95%
No load losses Less than 2%
Thermal withstand 150°C
Grade of Copper Double coated class H insulation 99.9% purity of electrolytic copper
Operating temperature 60°C @ no load & 105°C @ full load
Noise Attenuation <20DB
Connecting Terminals FRB board with bolt nut for input/output, /WEGO connector
Indications Pilot Lamp Indications R, Y, B
Note: Non-Standard Input and Output ranges also available as per customer requirements
  • Engineering & Manufacturing (Railway, Oil & Gas, Construction)
  • Metal Cutting (CNC&EDM)
  • Textile & Apparel (Weaving, Knitting, Spinning, Dyeing & compacting)
  • Hospitals, Labaratories & Bio Medicals
  • Retail Showrooms, Restraurents
  • IT
  • Agriculture
  • Fuel Stations
  • Domestic Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Permanent Damage Equipment
  • Winding Insulation Week, Equipment Drawn High Current
  • Deratingof Equipment Life/Efficiency
  • MD (Maximum Demand) Increases,PF also Effect
  • Frequent Break Down Occurs
  • Malfunction of Equipment
  • Speed of Equipment Also Decreased

Manual booster Line Voltage Stabilizer Servo Stabilizer Static Stabilizer Constant Voltage Transformer

Servo Motor control 25V to 100V/Sec

Able servo stabilizer Efficiency above 98% (Efficiency=output power/input power*cosφ)

Output Low / High Voltage, Input Low/High Voltage, OverLoad, Short Circuit, Phase reverse, Earth to Neutral leakage, Single phase failure.

The voltage sensing, correction With Each Phase Separate Motor control is done in each phase independently with respect to the neutral is also called an unbalanced type voltage stabilizer. Each Phase is different input voltage (Ex R-200V,Y-210V,B-220V But All Output 230V±1%) / LTSupply this type is suitable. Protections also sense each phase separately, single phase & Three phase both types of load suitable

The voltage sensing any 2 Phase & correction All Phases with common Servo Motor control is called as balanced type voltage stabilizers. All Phases Equal input voltage (Ex RY-330,YB-330V,BR-330V),HT /and OLTC with 3 Phase Load is suitable. Protections also sense each phase separately. Single phase load is not suitable for this type of stabilizer.

Servo Stabilizer Consist of Servo Motor, Variac with Carbon Brush, Buck-BoostTransformer, Servo Control PCB, Contactor/relay. In servo Stabilizer the servomotors involved with help of PCB, AutoTransformer, and Buck Boost Transformer there is a small delay in voltage correction. However, output voltage accuracy is usually ±1% with an input voltage variation of upto10% to ±50%, ABLE is the one of top Servo stabilizer manufacturers in India with a tolerance of +/- 1% with high/low output voltage cut-off and overload cut-off. This ensures smooth operation and longer life for the equipments.

Servo Stabilizer is main moving parts is dimmer, Dust Area the use appears in Variac, So Variac is not moving smoothly due to dust (there is possible of getting fire through sparking in dust area use Air Cooled), In dust area and Higher capacities oil cooled servo stabilizer is suitable Ex. Textile Unit, Garment Division, Foundry Unit, wood industries, and pattern shop.

Transformer Oil Grade IS 335, It is used only for Stabilizer Cooling Purpose

Depending on Usage 5 To 10 years Only Filtering is Required, but oil replacing 10 to 15 years only Depending on usages

  • Every 6 Month Carbon Brush Check/ Replace
  • Erery 3 Month Clean from dust
  • Every 6 Month Motor Alignment /Variac Moment check
  • Yearly Once Check All Bolt/ Nut
  • Oil Cooled Stabilizer Check Carbon Brush / Oil every 2years